WINSLOW, Ariz. - A 3-year-old’s murder and the teen suspected of killing her have rocked a Winslow community.

In a press release Wednesday night, the Winslow Police Department said that Tuesday morning, first responders arrived to the E. Oak St. home where 18-year-old Sonny Wyatt Silas lived with his girlfriend. Emergency crews responded to a report of an unresponsive 3-year-old girl, identified by police Friday as Amaya Miguel, who was not breathing. Crews worked to revive her for more than 40 minutes, but they were unable to and pronounced her deceased on scene.

Kayleigh Ashburn lived next door to the suspect. She said she only saw Silas when his dogs ran off into her yard. He lived behind a vacant home with his girlfriend, the victim’s cousin.

Ashburn never saw a little girl at the home.

Police said Amaya had been visiting her grandmother in Winslow from southern Arizona.

Autopsy results showed the child died from several traumatic hits to her head and body.

“I live like five feet away from their door. Our window was open that night. We didn’t hear anything,” Ashburn said.

Tuesday morning, Ashburn saw a body carried away.

“Sonny was there crying too,” Ashburn said.

Investigators said Silas took responsibility for the child’s death -- something a former classmate of the suspect had a hard time believing, describing Silas as, “really friendly to everybody,” adding, “he didn’t really have any hate towards a person.”

The former classmate of the suspect wasn’t comfortable going on camera, but shared memories about the last school year when he said Silas was a good student who enjoyed sports and talked about his time living on the Hopi reservation.

“He was mellow and, like, happy, always laid back,” he said.

Several neighbors in the area said they never heard any noise or arguing coming from the home.

A coworker of the suspect said Silas was well-liked at McDonald's, where he was employed and known as a hard worker.