Kobi Begaye was celebrating his 21st birthday when bullets starting raining on the crowd just across from the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

He ended the night out of breath from running and protecting his mom and sister.

"He just told us to stay down,” Lujuanna Monroe said. “He laid on top of us, and he just told us that he wouldn't let anything happen to us."

The whole family, from the safety of their home, still can’t wrap their heads around what happened.

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But they’re counting their blessings for making it out unharmed.

"You're reminded that you are loved, and that you do have people in your life," Monroe said.

But not everyone was so lucky.


"We just need her to come home so that she can be with [her kids]," Barbara Martinez said about her daughter Jovanna Calzadillas, 30, a wife and a mother of two.

"She loves her kid and she loves her husband,” said Bruno Martinez, Calzadillas’ brother.

Calzadillas was shot in the neck, where the bullet got stuck. She was in critical condition all week.

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Friday afternoon, doctors were finally able start surgery.

Her husband, who was also there, is OK -- at least physically.


Kurt Fowler, a firefighter from Lake Havasu City, was shot in the ankle during the massacre.

He's still in a Vegas-area hospital.

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"I said to my wife, ‘Get down.’ I immediately jumped on top of her to protect her,” Fowler told 12 News. “I took that bullet to the leg. I knew that it was time to move."

The bullet shattered both the main bones in one of his legs, the tibia and fibula.

He said he is ready to recover and continue his work as a firefighter.

“The next focus is I get better, and I go back to doing what I do, and that’s helping other people,” he said.


Noble Atkins, his wife Lauren and their friend Janny Copeland have made it back to Chandler, but Atkins is not in the clear.

He's already been through three surgical procedures, the final one to close the wound, after he was shot in the wrist.

The medical bills are stacking up. And you can help with a donation to their GoFundMe page.

Savannah Sanchez, from Tucson, is on life support.

Tawny Wamack, a waitress in Flagstaff, was shot in the back. She continues to recover in the hospital.

Daniel and Elizabeth Chiao, from Mesa, are still looking for the man who helped saved their lives when he suggested knocking down a section of a fence so people could escape.