LAS VEGAS, Nev. - While thousands ran as tragedy unfolded during last weekend’s country music festival, many concertgoers chose to stay.

Mark Lacy of Tucson didn’t run; instead he stayed to help save the lives of strangers. Lacy followed police, going to higher ground to figure out where the bullets were coming from so he could step into action.

“I couldn’t leave because there were too many people still that needed help,” Lacy said.

Lacy retired in Tucson after years in the Air Force, law enforcement and Department of Defense. Sunday night, his instincts kicked in the moment shots rang out.

The man next to him was hit in the head.

“The wife was screaming hysterically and holding on to her husband," Lacy said. "Her friend was a firefighter and we were able to get her off of her husband and pull her. I gave her to my spouse and said, ‘Here, stay with my spouse,’ and I pulled her friend off said, ‘Here, stay here.”’

While many ran, Lacy and an off-duty firefighter stayed, trying to save the man’s life and other strangers.

The scene was not cleared for first responders to step in, leaving Lacy and others stepping up to get the injured victims to safety, “on some of the barricades, tables, wheelbarrows, liquor carts, anything that we could get our hands on that could be turned into a stretcher,” Lacy said.

It was a music festival turned gruesome with the horrific memories branded into the minds of thousands. In addition to those, Lacy was left with a bullet hole through the driver’s door of his SUV.

Wednesday, the wounds were still visible. Flags flew at half-mast throughout the nation after the night 58 were killed, hundreds were injured and concert goers became heroes.

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Lacy gave the bullet he found to investigators and was working with his insurance to take care of the bullet hole in his SUV.

Lacey's wife and friend also made it out. Unfortunately, the man who had been standing next to him did not make it.

Lacy would like to reconnect with the firefighter who was working to help save that man’s life. We ask that firefighter to contact 12 News at 602-444-1212 so we can help reunite them.

The FBI is offering help with counseling services to anyone who went through the shooting. Those interested can click here.