The Tucson City Council took a stand on gun control this week, passing a resolution that urges state and federal officials to ban bump stocks.

The council voted unanimously -- 7-0 -- on Tuesday.

The first of its kind in the state, the resolution comes after 58 people died and hundreds were injuring in a shooting in Las Vegas. Police say the shooter in Las Vegas modified guns with the bump stock, which allowed him to fire hundreds of rounds a minute.

Several people attending the city council meeting spoke in favor of Tucson's resolution.

"We do not need gun range toys on the street," one person said.

Initially, city officials wanted to pass a measure banning bump stocks within Tucson city limits. However, a recent state Supreme Court decision stripped local governments of the ability to regulate and enforce their own gun laws.

So far, elected officials in Washington D.C. have proposed two different laws banning bump stocks, but both have stalled.