Step aside, snowbirds -- the lovebirds are coming to town.

Tucson was named one of the nation's best places for turning up the love, according to readers of Travel + Leisure magazine anyway.

As part of the magazine's “America’s Favorite Places” survey, it released a list of 20 of America’s Most Romantic Cities.

The survey had readers rank U.S. cities in over 60 different categories, including wine bars, parks and gardens, live music, and brunch -- you know, the kinds of things couples would do.

Tucson was ranked No. 6 on the list -- praised for its golf courses, horseback and hiking trails, and Wild West roots.

"Golfers have their choice of courses, while more adventurous couples take a horseback ride up into the nearby mountains or hike into Saguaro National Park," the magazine wrote.

San Diego, New Orleans, San Francisco, Honolulu and Charleston, South Carolina topped the list.

Sorry Virginia, looks like Tucson is for lovers.