FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Tuesday, two doctors described how they saved the life of one of the victims in the Northern Arizona University shooting. The brotherhood of the deceased victim's fraternity was also called into question.

As the two surgeons spoke of Kyle Zientek’s wounds on that October 2015 night, his mother wept in the courtroom.

Surgeon Robert Berger told jurors Zientek was critically injured, lost a lot blood and a kidney after being shot twice in the back.

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“We were just starting the resuscitation, so they had IVs placed and they were starting the, what we call the massive transfusion protocol, so they were starting to give blood products,” Berger said.

The defense attorney asked whether Zientek was healthy following another surgery and living with only one kidney, the doctor said he was.

Earlier Tuesday morning, Zachary Volpo, a Delta Chi member who said he was “very close” with and a “best friend” of the victims, was grilled on the stand by defense attorney Joshua Davidson.

Volpo said when he saw his fraternity brother,Colin Brough with shots to the chest, fighting hard for his life, he knew Brough wasn’t going to make it and he chose to run to save his own life.

Volpo told the defense attorney he never made an effort to call police to report his frat brothers were shot because he wanted to get to the hospital and knew detectives would find him.

Davidson asked, “You wanted to be with your brothers and pray, or be with your brothers and get your stories straight?”

“Be with my brothers and pray. I wanted to make sure that we could stick together and to anything, to any hope to God, try to bring hopes high,” Volpo replied.

Groans could be heard throughout the courtroom as Davidson pushed Volpo to talk about how far the loyalties of his fraternity would go and as Volpo tried to outsmart Davidson.

As of Tuesday, only one of the shooting victims had taken the stand. More were expected to testify Wednesday.