A recent analysis by GPS company Teletrac says Arizona's Interstate 17 is among the deadliest highways in the United States.

Teletrac used a deaths-per-mile rate to rank the highways. From 2011-2015, there were 123 deaths on the 146 miles between Phoenix and Flagstaff, according to the analysis.

That puts the death rate at .843 deaths per mile over that five-year period.

The most deadly highway was Florida's Interstate 4, which runs from Tampa to Daytona Beach, at 165 deaths on 132 miles of highway.

The analysis listed March as I-17's most fatal month, Saturday as its most fatal day and the 3 p.m. hour as its most fatal hour.

The most common crashes on Interstate 17 were, in order, crashes between two moving cars, rollovers and pedestrian collisions.

Teletrac used data from the American Highway Users Alliance, the U.S. Department of Transportation, Wikipedia, Value Penguin and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the analysis.

12 News reached out to the Arizona Department of Transportation, which declined to comment on the study's methodology or findings, but a spokesperson wrote via email that "[n]early all crashes and traffic fatalities on all roadways stem from driver behavior."

Read the full analysis here.