TUCSON, Ariz. - At the annual Brian Terry Foundation dinner on Saturday night in Tucson, Steve Bannon, the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News accepted a Courage in Journalism award.

Bannon was the keynote speaker at the benefit for Brian Terry, a fallen Border Patrol agent.

"Brian Terry will live in history as a historical figure," Bannon said in front of hundreds inside a hotel ballroom, "and the reason was he brought to the attention of the American people, he put a human face on it, he put a hero's face on it of what is happening on the southern border."

Bannon was President Trump's chief strategist inside the White House for the first seven months of the administration. He takes a sharp stance on immigration. He believes without Brian Terry's heroism, Trump would not have won the White House.

"Stopping mass illegal immigration and addressing the issue of legal immigration and getting our sovereignty back. The nullification efforts of the 2016 election have to stop," Bannon said.

According to the Associated Press, Bannon received the Courage in Journalism award for Breitbart News' reporting on a national scandal in which federal authorities lost track of about 1,400 guns. Two of those weapons ended up in the hands of drug bandits who killed Terry west of Rio Rico in 2010, AP reports.

Dozens outside the Starr Pass Marriott protested Bannon's visit to Tucson.

"Bannon has exhibited himself as nothing but a racist and a bigot and I don't feel like he should be welcome in my home state, in my home town," Jean-Zwick Sherrett said.

Patricia Maisch is a survivor of the January 8th shooting. She stood on a street corner Saturday concerned about the direction of her country.

"The foundation has lost its way," Maisch said. "They do have that right and we have the right to protest his being here. This is what democracy looks like. Brian Terry may have been a patriot, but Steve Bannon is not a patriot."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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