PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. - Wednesday’s announcement by Prescott Valley police about an alleged sex trafficking ring involving eight young women aged 17-21 proved that the illegal industry is not confined to cities.

"These children are transported all over the United States," said Leah Benson of StreetlightUSA. The organization shelters and provides aid to victims of sex trafficking.

Benson says girls and young women lured into the industry or trafficked by their captors come from all communities and backgrounds.

"I just received a call today from a crying mom who is middle, higher income. She's a biochemist looking for help for her child. It's just across the board," Benson said.

Two men and a woman, whose identities are being withheld as the investigation continues, were arrested in the case. They are accused of shuttling the girls to different parts of the state and California for purposes of prostitution over the course of a year.

Prescott Valley police say the girls were treated poorly and not paid.