MESA, Ariz.- Sen. Jeff Flake’s siblings say they were not aware of his decision to not seek re-election until minutes before he made it public.

In an exclusive interview with 12 News, three of Flake’s sisters say they found out about his big announcement through a private family Facebook page.

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“I felt shocked like everyone else,” said Suzy Flake Gibbons, one of Flake’s sisters.

They are fully supporting the senator, though they hoped to see him run for the Senate again.

“He was in congress for quite some time and then obviously just one term in the Senate, I thought he would be there for two,” added Flake Gibbons.

The republican senator is one of President Trump’s biggest Republican critics, and his family says Flake is not bending his values just to win a seat in Washington.

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“For him to be able to speak honestly and be true to himself, I think it was the only thing he could do,” said Laraine Flake Eddington about why her brother chose not to run for the Senate again.

Sen. Flake’s family is looking forward to the work he has left to do during his 14 months left as senator.