A new report ranked three Arizona cities as inclusive places for LGBTQ people.

Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson received perfect scores in this year's Municipal Equality Index, conducted by the Human Rights Campaign.

The report ranks cities based on non-discrimination laws, the municipality as an employer, municipal services, law enforcement and the city leadership's public position on equality.

To create balanced scores, local and state laws were weighed equally, and cities that have protections at both the state and local levels were not awarded double points, the report read.

The success of this balanced approach is demonstrated by Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson, among other cities, that were able to achieve perfect scores despite being in states that do not have pro-equality laws, according to the report.

This was Tempe's fourth straight year with a perfect score and Phoenix's fifth.

The report ranked other Arizona cities, but none of them reached a score nearly as high. Flagstaff scored 67, Scottsdale 65, Chandler 61 and Mesa 60. Glendale received a score of 55, and Peoria scored 26.

The two lowest scores in the state were given to Gilbert and Avondale, scoring a 19 and a 15, respectively.