PHOENIX, Ariz. – When Swayne Martin announced a partnership with Mokulele Airlines on his YouTube channel about a hiring project for young pilots, the feedback they got was immense. Martin was only expecting to hire two pilots but after reviewing over 100 applicants, his company chose 11 prospective pilots including one from Prescott, Arizona.

“One stood out to our team in particular,” said Martin. “Kristin Gibson from Prescott, Arizona mentioned in her application that she worked two jobs as a full-time college student while attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.” Martin contacted Kristin via FaceTime telling her it was part of the candidate selection process only to surprise her with a conditional dream job offer.

“I’ve just worked so hard and didn’t think I had a shot at getting this job,” said Gibson. The move to the big island is no doubt an expense. Martin set up a gofundme account for Kristen to help with the big move saying any additional funds would go to flight training scholarships for young student pilots.