SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. - Parents at Poston Butte High School found some surprises in their teenagers' 2017 yearbook.

Drug references, sexual innuendos and even some alarming comments of hatred towards other students are just some of the "inappropriate" things printed in the pages.

"It could change their life, it will be there forever," one mother tells 12 News.

Many of the references come from the quotes section under senior photos. One teen's quote is, "You need a good plant to get high (pole vault)" which is an obvious reference to smoking marijuana and pole vaulting in track & field.

This may be inappropriate for a yearbook, but it iss clever in nature. Other quotes, however, are not a laughing matter.

Another teen writes, "I came to this school hating everyone, but I'm leaving, hating everyone and myself."

The Florence Unified School District sent out an email to parents this week apologizing for the "oversight" and saying the teacher in charge of the yearbook is being relieved of her duties involving the yearbook in the future.

Parents also now have two options if they are upset with the comments. They can either send the yearbook back for a full refund, or the school will cover the comments with an adhesive before re-issuing.