TUCSON, Ariz. - The Tucson Police Department said a woman was arrested and booked into jail after a series of crimes involving contaminating baby formula that could date back to the past several months.

Jennifer Laplante, 30, is accused of buying baby formula -- including Gerber “Good Start” Soy -- and returning it for a refund after removing and refilling the contents of the container with other substances -- including flour, police said.

According to police, the contaminated formula has made at least one child sick. The child was treated and released from a hospital a week ago.

Stores that could be involved:

- Fry’s, 7050 E. 22nd St
- Fry’s, 9401 E. 22nd St
- Walmart, 8640 E. Broadway Blvd
- Walmart, 7150 E. Speedway Blvd

Police warn there may be other locations.

Laplante could face charges of fraud and child endangerment with more possibly to come, police said.

Residents are being urged to inspect baby formula before and after purchase from a Tucson business.

“If there is anything unusual about the seal - or lack of a seal; if the product looks or has an odd smell in any way- DO NOT USE,” Tucson PD wrote in a Facebook post.

The department said suspicious products can be dropped off at its evidence facility.

Tucson PD said its coordinating its investigation with the FDA and the Pima County Health Department.

Anyone with questions can call Tucson police at 520-791-5059.