FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Police are searching for a Valley elementary school teacher who's been missing since Friday.

Forty-four-year-old Cathryn Gorospe was last seen in the Flagstaff area.

“Shock, definitely shock and a lot of emotions, a lot things going through our head not knowing where she is, if she's OK,” said Cory Gorospe.

Gorospe, Cathryn’s brother who spoke to 12 News from his home in California, said he and his family are desperate for answers regarding his sister’s disappearance.

“Is she cold, is she stuck somewhere,” Gorospe told 12 News, “We don't know and that's the worst part.”

Police say Cathryn, a beloved kindergarten teacher at Arrowhead Elementary school in Glendale, had traveled to Flagstaff to bail a friend out of jail.

Investigators say the Coconino County Jail was the last place she was seen.

“We knew there was a problem because her dog was still at the house and she wasn't there and she doesn't leave that dog for any amount of time. She loved that dog,” Gorospe said.

“That’s what's raising a lot of red flags and a lot of worry for us all, because that's not in her nature,” said Freya Gorospe, Cory’s wife.

Investigators said when Cathryn hadn't returned home by Sunday, her roommate reported her missing.

“We’re just hoping someone has seen her and she's safe and we find her soon ,” said Freya.

We did ask police about the friend Cathryn bailed out of jail.

The department’s spokesperson said they couldn't release a lot of information, but when asked if they'd been in contact with this person, he replied, "No."

He also told us the friend had not been reported missing and made it very clear this was an ongoing investigation and that they are actively investigating Cathryn's disappearance.

By all accounts, Cathryn is a dedicated teacher loved by her students.

When 12 News was outside her house Monday afternoon, our crew ran into a parent who'd stopped by just to see if there was anything he could do to help.

He described Cathryn as an amazing teacher, so much so, he said his wife cried with joy when she found out their son had made it into her class.

"Just loved by all kids,” said Gorospe. “When the kids would talk to her, they just had a glow."

Her family is now flying to Phoenix from California with the hopes of tracking down any information they can as to where she might be.

“Our hope is that she comes back to us healthy, alive and hopefully not traumatized by this event,” Gorospe said.

Cathryn is described as a 5-foot-6 woman with brown hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information about her case, you can reach Flagstaff PD at 928-774-1414. you can also reach the officer on the case, Detective Casey Rucker, at 928-679-4099.