PHOENIX - When you meet Peg Mahoney, you would never know what the 57-year-old is up against, based off her big smile.

"I'm at Stage 4 breast cancer. It spread," Mahoney said. "But hey, I'm good! I'm happy."

Doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer in 2011. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer went away; but last year, it came back.

"I had a little break for a couple of years, but then it came back," explained Mahoney.

As Mahoney fights, watching her Arizona Cardinals keeps her smiling. Last month, when the Cardinals took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Peg was there. She even went onto the field at halftime to share her story.

She didn't realize it then, but Larry Fitzgerald was listening the whole time.

"I was really moved," said Larry Fitzgerald.

Mahoney's story hit close to home for Fitz, who lost his mother, Carol, to breast cancer.

"Losing my mother, the month of October and breast cancer awareness is something that really touches me," Fitzgerald said.

Fitz gave Mahoney his game gloves after hearing her story. His gloves are specially made each year to say 'Carol.'

"That just meant so much to me. He just does so much for us and it comes from the heart," said Mahoney.

Weeks later, Mahoney is one of hundreds of women showing up at Fitzgerald's ladies-only football camp. She didn't know if she'd get a chance to talk to him, but once he saw her, his eyes lit up.

"It's so great to see you!" Fitzgerald exclaimed.

The two finally got to meet face to face and talk about their special bond.

"She had the gloves I gave her, and it was a really cool moment. It was fun to be able to share some time with her."

Mahoney said the joy she felt during that time with Fitz gives her hope that she can win her battle.

"It's so wonderful and it means so much," Mahoney said.

Mahoney told 12 News her sister Trish signed her up for Fitz's camp as a way to celebrate her 57th birthday.