PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. - About 7,000 people were inside the Prescott Valley Events Center Tuesday when Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made his campaign stop.

Several thousand more were outside the center, watching on a Jumbotron.

"It's quite a crowd," said Trump supporter Jim Bourassa. "It went around that whole block, then they triple-lapped. Then they formed another line and it just kept going."

RECAP: Trump holds rally in Prescott Valley

Others went to the events center to protest Trump's campaign.

"He scares the crap out of me, he really does," said Nadine McGee, a protester. "His racist rants and hate-mongering is terrifying. I don't want to see that in our country."

Supporter Dawn Wilson said she was confident in her side being the dominant voice of the day.

"Yeah, I head a little bit over there, you know, but they can't compete with this crowd," she said.