FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – The judge presiding over the Northern Arizona University shooter case made it clear in court Wednesday: The date is set and Steven Jones’s retrial will move forward as scheduled.

Jones was charged with murder and aggravated assault after shooting four other students -- killing one -- in 2015. He claimed self-defense.

The defendant’s first round in court ended in a mistrial in May 2017, because of a hung jury. His retrial is scheduled for Oct. 10.

Jones, his attorneys and family of the victims were present over the phone Wednesday during what was expected to be the last case management conference.

Counsel told Coconino County Superior Court Judge Dan Slayton they still had to prepare the jury questionnaire, had more witnesses to question and the defense may file another motion.

“What I expect counsel to do is to get together and determine the interviews that need to be done, get those scheduled as soon as possible and we need to go ahead and push forward,” Judge Slayton said.

Both sides are scheduled for oral argument on Sept. 8, on a motion filed by the defense. Jones’s attorneys want the Coconino County Attorney’s Office disqualified from prosecuting the defendant.