A missing teen's body was found in the Arizona desert Friday and the circumstances appear suspicious.

Tucson police have confirmed the body, found in a desert area, is 13-year old Jayden Glomb.

“I hope that my kids aren’t scared to go out and do things,” said Heather Logsdon, an Old Vail Middle School parent.

It’s a tough time for parents and students at Old Vail Middle School, southeast of Tucson.

“We’ve dealt with a lot of tragedy,” said John Carruth, Vail School District Associate Superintendent. “This is the first time in my memory that we’ve experienced… this community has experienced anything quite like this.”

“This clearly is affecting all of us and our hearts simply go out to the family,” he said.

Tucson police say an employee of a new housing development found Jayden’s body in an area in between two high schools.

She had been missing since vanishing from her home, without a trace on Wednesday night.

Since then, detectives have been busy collecting evidence at the scene, looking for any clues they might be able to find.

The Vail School District has been working with students to cope with the sudden death of the seventh grader.

“I was exceptionally proud of our staff who are responsible for teaching kids math, language arts and social study,” said Calvin Baker, Vail School District Superintendent. “Suddenly they were mom and dad and comforter and, they had to take on a whole different role.”

“Today, a much more important role,” said Baker.

There’s now a page on YouCaring.com for Jayden’s family, which reads in part, “The city of Vail, our Air Force & Air Force Reserve communities, and so many others have poured out prayers and sent love and light to everyone involved. Thank you.”

“Stay smart and vigilant, like we all tell our kids… and yeah, sometimes there’s things you just can’t control,” said Logsdon.

Right now Tucson police are investigating Jayden’s death as a homicide.

If you want to donate to help the family pay for services, you can do so through a YouCaring page.