Arizona Senator John McCain said he is optimistic a new strategy in Afghanistan will allow U.S. troops to regain territory against the Taliban.

"They (Taliban) are not going to negotiate unless they think they are losing," McCain said Tuesday, speaking at a news conference in Kabul, Afghanistan. "Why would anybody want to negotiate a settlement while they are winning? So we need to win and have the advantage on the battlefield and then enter into a serious negotiation to resolve the conflict."

McCain said he could not discuss details of the plan. Military observers speculate it will involve more troops and stepped up efforts to coordinate with allies for counter-attacks against Al-Queada, ISIS and Taliban strongholds. Nothing will be easy. Efforts to rebuild in Afghanistan have been complicated by corruption by Afghan nationals and U.S. contractors.

McCain was joined on his trip by senators Lindsey Graham, Elizabeth Warren, Sheldon Whitehouse, and David Perdue.