In true Old West fashion, Tombstone has officially been declared a gun-friendly city.

Tombstone Mayor Dusty Escapule signed a proclamation Tuesday naming Tombstone "America's Second Amendment City."

Mayor Escapule says this makes Tombstone the only city in the country with such a proclamation. However, he said he hopes other mayors in Arizona step up and issue a similar proclamation for their own cities.

"Tombstone is a tourist attraction that is primarily based on gun fights during its beginning days. There are a number of venues in Tombstone that evolve around guns, we have SAS shooters, daily gunfights in various locations and National Fast Draw Contest," Mayor Escapule said in a release. "The Proclamation is in no way advocating gun violence, it simply reinforces the citizens' rights under the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms."

The proclamation does not change any existing laws or ordinances. Escapule said it's simply a symbolic way for the city to show support for the right to bear arms.

Mayor Escapule also said the proclamation will not take away Tombstone's famous nickname.

"Tombstone will always be 'The Town Too Tough to Die,'" he said.

AP contributed to this report.