FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Owners of the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff filed a police report with the Flagstaff Police Department after surveillance video caught a truck with two men stealing their sign.

The 8-foot marquee was taken from parking lot behind the theater early Tuesday morning, according to Chris Scully, co-owner of the Orpheum Theater. Tour buses normally park in that lot.

“These guys came in early in the morning, backed directly to the spot where this was located, they loaded it in and they took off. They clearly had an idea of what they were after and they clearly stole this piece," said Scully.

The marquee was stolen less than one week before Scully had plans to use it for the Orpheum's centennial block party Saturday.

"We were going to use it in the photo booth," he said.

The video does not show the license number for the car and police say they have no leads as of Friday.

Scully estimates he spent a few thousand dollars on the sign but says it has more sentimental value than financial value.

"What I would like to tell the people who stole the sign is we would appreciate it if you would return it. There will be no questions asked. We would love for it to reappear in that parking lot immediately,” said Scully.

(Photo: Orpheum Theater) Surveillance video captured a grey Ford pickup truck backing into the Orpheum Theater's parking lot to take an iconic marquee earlier this week.