PHOENIX- When you think of dangers, desserts probably do not come to mind. Here are some sweet treats that are deemed dangerous, but are commonly enjoyed.

1. Soft-serve ice cream: Ice cream machines can build bacteria near the nozzles, if they are not cleaned. The bacteria can lead to listeriosis, a serious stomach infection caused by eating contaminated food. Outbreaks are rare, but have occurred.

2. Cookie dough: The hottest dessert trend on Instagram and Facebook is eating cookie dough. In New York, people will wait for hours to get inside some of the hip, new cookie dough bars. The sweet treat is different from the dough you may have in your fridge or freezer because it is made with specially treated flour and without any eggs, making it safe to eat. Eggs and flour in regular cookie dough have been known for causing salmonella and e. coli.

3. Liquid nitrogen: You've seen the fun, icy smoke rising from cocktails or from ice cream. Liquid nitrogen is extremely dangerous to directly consume, but it's commonly used by chefs in food and drinks. There have been some scary reports of emergency room visits, but they are extremely rare.

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