PHOENIX - Terrorists are changing tactics and one law enforcement specialist says that they are using more practical methods and even the media to cause the highest amount of harm possible in order to get their message out.

Isabella Maldonado is a retired law enforcement official, with over 22 years of experience investigating such crimes and says that vehicles are a weapon of choice for terrorists because of how accessible they are.

“Box cutters, rifles and things like that. It doesn’t require a huge amount of resources,” Maldonado said.

She believes that in today’s world, terrorists use around the clock news networks and social media to get out their message.

“By upsetting people and by causing people to be afraid, this way people will be thinking about them all the time,” Maldonado said.

She also says Arizona is not as much of a target as other places around the country.

“Because of the nature of these kinds of attacks -- when you’re talking about a vehicle into a large crowd or a bomb placed strategically in an area where there’s a large crowd -- that does require a gathering in a city," Maldonado said, "in Arizona we don’t have that many metropolitan areas and so obviously things can happen, even in rural areas, but when you’re looking for larger casualties you will gravitate towards that."