If you're walking by the Coconino County Center for the Arts, you might think you have run into a big top, complete with stilt walkers, jugglers and even aerial artists.

FunTown Circus Camp was founded by Joanie Garcia and aims to teach kids the basics of circus life.

"We teach all kinds of different skills so these kids can say, 'Yeah I know how to juggle, I can walk on stilts, I can ride a unicycle and I do aerial dance,'" said Garcia. "So they are kinda getting a well rounded introduction into to all these types of circus arts."

The camp accepts children as young as 7 years old up to about 13 years old.

"It's a place where kids can be curious and let their energy out," said Justine Kennedy, an aerial dance instructor at the camp.

In addition to learning circus arts, the campers hear from special speakers and enjoy arts and crafts.

Pricing runs from $65 for one day to $525 for the entire three weeks.

FunTown Circus Camp runs until Friday and will have its last performance on Friday at noon. Performances are open to the public and allows the children an opportunity to show what they have learned.