PHOENIX – Arizona has only voted Democrat once in the last 17 presidential elections, so the idea of Hillary Clinton winning this state is a big deal. Phoenix mayor and Democrat, Greg Stanton, is not surprised with some of the polls showing Clinton with a slight lead.

"It's going to go blue in 2016, and when you look at the voters, our demographics and if patterns continue, it will be a consistent blue state,” he said.

Some Democrats think the shift comes from an increasing Hispanic population, which traditionally leans to the left.

Some Republicans don't see a shift at all. During a campaign event on Saturday, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said, “"The Hispanic community, I've always had support from the Hispanic community.”

But former Arizona Governor and Trump supporter Jan Brewer doesn't think a population shift even matters, telling the Boston Globe, "They don't get out and vote."

"I think if Jan Brewer is believing the Latino voter turnout is going to be depressed and that's how her candidate Donald Trump is going to win Arizona, she's going to be sadly surprised,” Stanton said.

Arpaio isn’t sure why Brewer made those comments to the Boston Globe, but believes she has a reason.

"She may have had some reason to say that, and maybe they don't show up. But they have the right to show up. I want votes from everyone, so whether they show up or not, I don't know."

We will all certainly find out on election day.