Is it time for another visit for the Cubs from the cubs of Bearizona?

With the Chicago Cubs down to the Dodgers in the NLCS, every little bit of luck counts, especially for a team that's believed to be cursed (more on the Curse of the Billy Goat).

Bearizona Wildlife Park of Williams, Arizona, think their bear cubs might just be the key to victory.

This preseason, Bearizona worked with Cubs manager Joe Maddon to bring two cubs, Rizzo and Cubby, to meet the team.

A release from the Bearizona Wildlife Park suggests that Cubby and Rizzo may "be the reason the Cubs have made it this far in the playoffs."

Chicago hasn't been in the World Series since 1945 and hasn't won since 1908.

Maybe it's time for a cross country trip for the cubs of Bearizona.

Two bear cubs, Rizzo and Cubby, from Bearizona visited the Chicago Cubs during the 2016 preseason. (Photo: Bearizona Wildlife Park)