GRAND CANYON, Ariz. - A Halloween creature visited the Grand Canyon Tuesday and is lending some tips to make your next visit to the national park spectacular.

On its Facebook page, the Grand Canyon National Park posted photos of a skeleton, along with his two skeleton pups, taking its annual Halloween trip.

"Whenever I need a vacation, I come back to Grand Canyon. There is something here that inspires me and puts my spirit back on the right path," the skeleton is quoted in the Facebook post.

The spooky creature created a guide of its favorite things to do at the Grand Canyon, including catching some scenic viewpoints, visiting historic buildings, picnicking and camping.

The skeleton recommends:

  • Driving alone the 25-mile long Desert View Drive to enjoy the terrific views.
  • Walking along the 13-mile long Rim Trail and enjoying a picnic lunch.
  • Making reservations in advance to camp out at Mather Campground.
  • Finding a spot to bird watch along the Rim Trail.
  • Hiking along any one of the canyon's many trails.

For those hiking, the skeleton tells visitors to keep safety in mind.

"Remember what they say here at the canyon, "Going down is optional, coming up is mandatory". You don't want to end up looking like me."