Break out the red-checkered vinyl tablecloth and the plastic forks and spoons, it's going to soon be legal to have potlucks in Arizona.

In a Monday news release from Representative Kelly Townsend, she thanked Governor Doug Ducey for signing her bill, HB2341, which repeals the ban on any non-workplace potlucks in the state.

"Although seemingly trivial, many Arizonans have had their personal liberties infringed on by this unfortunate law and Rep. Townsend hopes that going forward, folks can exercise this basic right to break bread together without government intrusion," the release states.

"The bill will not go into effect until 90 days after Sine Die, which will no doubt be after the 4th of July. As we celebrate Independence Day, let this be a reminder of all the freedoms we have given away to big government and burdensome regulations in exchange for safety and financial comfort," according to the release.

The Sine Die adjournment of the Arizona state legislative session -- Sine Die, essentially means without assigning a specific date -- is expected to fall on about April 23, which will put the 90-day post-date guideline past the 4th of July, as mentioned.