PHOENIX - The deadline to register to vote is just hours away and tonight there was a big push to get people registered and voting this election.

A massive get-out-the-vote effort is underway, to mobilize new voters.

Volunteers hit the streets today to remind everyone they need to vote.

“We have a month to do this, so we have to talk a lot to a lot of voters,” said Irma Maldonado.

A number of residents didn’t answer the door, but quite a few did.

“I personally like that they’re doing this, because they’re spreading the word out who our leaders are in our community and what they’re doing wrong and what they’re doing right, and I personally like that they’re just getting everybody informed,” said Cristobal Hernandez.

Some voters clearly already have their minds made up.

“There’s two candidates, and it’s hard to pick who’s actually going to win, but I personally like Hillary Clinton,” said Hernandez.

But of course not everyone agrees.

“I am voting for Donald Trump, not necessarily because he’s like my favorite person of all time to be president, but because I feel as a whole for our country I feel he’ll appoint nominees to the Supreme Court that will be making decisions for the land that I feel agree with more, what I stand for,” said Terri Leek.

“For my own self, there is no way that I am going to vote for Hillary. I just don’t feel comfortable with the things that she’s done,” said Julie Brassfield.

Others who are not able to vote, are speaking out, encouraging others to vote to reflect their beliefs.

“I highly encourage my friends, family and community to go out and represent my voice, to vote for pro-immigrant candidate … candidates that are going to move our community forward in a more family way, in a more community way, instead of dividing or providing hateful rhetoric in our communities,” said Maxima Guerrero.

“I just hope Hillary wins and she becomes our first female president,” said Hernandez.

The voter registration deadline for the general election is tomorrow, October 10th.

Early voting beings on Wednesday, October 12th.

Register to vote online.