FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. - Saturday, the Fountain Hills community came together to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Along the water, a display with more than 300 flags depicted those that gave their life for their country. All those remembered had a tie to Arizona.

"As a veteran myself, those are my brothers and sisters out there," said Sean Kriner. "I can't spend enough time out there in that field of heroes, getting to know them and feeling their presence."

"We have had more people stop and talk and take pictures of the flags, and it's serene and peaceful but it also touches their hearts because there is a name of a fallen veteran on each one of those flags," said Judi Beischel with the American Legion.

The flags have been on display for the past week, and have made an impact on the community.

"You can see some of them are visibly moved because they can feel the presence of those heroes here," said Kriner. "As a community, it's great for the community to come together and recognize our fallen."