In a tweet Sunday afternoon, President Donald Trump predicted Sen. Flake will be issuing a "no" vote on the Republican proposed tax cuts because "his political career anyway is 'toast.'"

Trump used the same word in his tweet that Flake used Friday during a hot mic moment in a town hall session in Mesa.

During a town hall event Friday, Flake apparently didn't know the microphone attached to his lapel was still on when he said, "(If we) become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast."

The senator also said on Friday that he is on board with Trump's tax cuts.

"We'll never have massive tax reform without goring somebody's ox," Flake said on Friday. The longtime deficit fighter is now OK with putting another $1.5 trillion on the nation's credit card to pay for tax cuts.

"Some other things are still troubling to me that we're working out, but the $1.5, I'm fine with the bill," he said.

A spokesperson with Sen. Flake's office released a statement in response to Trump's tweet Sunday.

Senator Flake is still reviewing the tax reform bill on its merits. How he votes on it will have nothing to do with the President.