FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – By Friday, the first day of fall, the leaves were already starting to turn throughout Flagstaff.

The aspen trees in the area will steal the show with their beautiful gold leaves shimmering in the wind come the first week of October.

Convention and Visitor Bureau Communications Specialist, Meg Roederer, said the city expects thousands of visitors to come take in the sights every fall season.

Husband and wife, Deborah and Van McWhorter, from Mississippi are looking to escape from the humid heat.

“We've seen some oranges and yellows. We were on the interstate and we noticed, I don't know the type of tree, but you can tell it's drying, getting ready for fall,” Deborah said.

Van added, “Yeah, I've seen some drying on the leaves. I believe it's the aspen that are here.”

Roederer said the autumn colors would be popping over the next six weeks.

Beautiful aspen fields can be explored throughout trails on the San Francisco Peaks and off Snowbowl Road.

Check out Flagstaff's Leaf-ometer before heading up to see exactly what stage the leaves are in.