LAS VEGAS - LuJuanna Monroe found herself the target of a barrage of bullets and facedown on the ground during what was supposed to be a birthday celebration for her 21-year-old son.

"We were right in front of the stage, probably about three rows back," Monroe said. "And so we are right in front."

The woman, her son and her 17-year-old daughter were listening to Jason Aldean when they heard popping sounds that confused many in the Las Vegas concert crowd.

LAS VEGAS SHOOTING: At least 59 killed, 500 others injured

When Aldean rushed off the stage, moments later the crowd went into chaos.

"My son grabbed me and my daughter and he threw us on the ground and laid on top of us." she said. "'He told us, 'Don't move, don't move. Stay right where you are.'"

The family waited until the gunfire stopped before they ran away from the direction of the gunfire into the vendor area.

Monroe said her family dropped to the ground each time they heard gunshots and eventually had to hop a fence in order to get to safety. Eventually they managed to run back to their hotel and also offered shelter to a few other people who were unable to get back to their hotel.

"Every time we ran, it was almost like we were jumping over someone who had been shot or trying not to step on someone," she said. "There was people everywhere."

The family was physically unharmed, but immediately realized the catastrophic loss of life.

"When they first told us the number that 20 people were killed, we were like, 'No, that number is a lot more,'" she said. "Probably just running out of there, we probably went over 10 people, maybe."