A construction crew hit a 2-inch gas line while digging near the sidewalk with a backhoe early Thursday morning on Butler Avenue near South Babbit Drive in Flagstaff.

Firefighters from Flagstaff Fire Station 2 responded to the incident at approximately 8 a.m. and it took crews from Unisource Energy about 45-minutes to stop the gas leak.

"A construction crew was digging with a backhoe and hit a gas line," said Kevin Wilson, a captain for Flagstaff Fire Department. "Our units responded and stood by while Unisource Energy crews went in and dug out the line and squeezed it off. "

A few businesses may have been without gas for a short amount of time and no injuries were reported, according to Wilson.

(Photo: Halie Cook/KPNX) Fire crews responded to a gas line break early Thursday.