FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - The Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corps (NAVMC) is a group of professional doctors and surgeons who travel back and forth to Haiti to provide valuable and often times unavailable medical attention to those in need.

The group was formed in 1995, originally traveling to Armenia. Since then, it has worked in Brazil, Mexico, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Haiti.

Work in Haiti is difficult, as many of the facilities are missing equipment, are poorly staffed and struggle through malfunctions on a regular basis.

The island country was just struck by the powerful Hurricane Matthew this week.

Trips usually last about a week, but officials say the trips are as rewarding as they are challenging. In more recent years, the group has focused more and more on educating the local doctors and professionals in Haiti.

Haiti has faced a number of natural disasters, including a massively destructive earthquake in 2010. Since then, the NAVMC has visited on numerous occasions to volunteer their time and skills.

The organization is also involved with orphanages around the island and works to fund orphans going to school.

The group last worked in Haiti earlier this year in June. Their next scheduled trip is in early December. The group operates off of donations, and even holds fundraising events.

For more information about Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corps, visit their website.