FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Mayor Coral Evans, along with other members of the Flagstaff City Council, visited Supai, AZ to meet with the Havasupai Tribal leadership on Dec. 4th to discuss issues concerning the city's relationship with the Native Nations.

Some of the issues discussed at this meeting included uranium mining and transportation, the proposed Veteran's Home, and the Indigenous Community Forums that have been held in Flagstaff. All of these issues shared mutual importance between the city of Flagstaff and the Havasupai Tribe.

This visit helped further city council's goals concerning partnership with Native Nations. These goals include strengthening communications between Flagstaff and the tribal leadership concerning shared issues, as well as holding annual meetings where the two parties collaborate on agenda development.

“Working together we can achieve so much for more northern Arizona than working in isolation” said Mayor Evans. “We hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship based on communication and cooperation.”

Other city council members in attendance with Mayor Evans were Charlie Odegaard, Jim McCarthy, Jamie Whelan, Celia Barotz, and Eva Putzova.