Embry Riddle Students are shooting for the stars.

The Eagle Space Flight Team is a group of students working to build the first rocket that will be sent into space by a collegiate group ever. The 10-inch in diameter, 25-foot tall rocket is slated to lift off in 2017. The rocket will carry an 10 pounds payload that will simply gather data about the rockets initial flight. The team is working to develop a rocket that can be reused after its initial flight. 

The team consists of several different subsets that work on various aspects of the rocket's flight. Everything from aerodynamics to propulsion, and from flight path to business and marketing. The crew has already been testing smaller models of the rocket to ensure everything goes according to plan come launch day. The team is one of only three schools seriously competing in what's being hailed as "university space race."

The program is funded partly by crowdsourcing sites, such as GoFundMe.com. 

For more information about the Eagle Space Flight Team, click here to visit their website.