FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Steven Jones was on the witness stand for more than three hours Thursday, defending his actions on an October 2015 night when he shot four other Northern Arizona University students, killing one.

Jones painted a picture of fear saying after they left a Delta Chi fraternity party, he and his friends were confronted, bullied and hit.

He said he ran to his car and panicked, fumbling for his keys before getting in the vehicle and grabbing his gun, which he attributed to his mortal fear.

The prosecution suggested he could have driven away from the scene rather than grabbing, and ultimately firing, the .40-caliber Glock 22. After all, Jones was inside his own car.

There was a back-and-forth between Jones and the prosecution about how far away the group was as he reached his car and made the decision to use the gun.

Jones initially said he thought they were 10 feet away from him, but later it was determined they were about 90 feet away.

Jones will return to the witness stand Friday morning so the defense can continue its redirect examination. Follow the trial, including a live stream of testimony and courtroom proceedings at 12news.com/jonestrial.