A young deer fawn taken from the wild near Salome will now have to live in captivity after a man brought it to a bar.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department took possession of the days-old fawn Saturday after someone notified the department that the deer had been brought into the bar to show patrons.

“This truly is an unfortunate situation for this deer fawn. Instead of living a life in the wild, it must now remain in captivity due to the irresponsible actions of one person,” Mike Demlong, AZGFD Wildlife Education program manager, said in a release. “The fawn is healthy, but requires feeding every three to four hours, which is time consuming and costly in the long run. The Department will keep the fawn for a few days to ensure it is healthy and feeding well, then it will be transferred to wildlife sanctuary in Arizona.”

Eventually the fawn will be transferred to Keepers of the Wild Nature Park near Kingman.

"Young wildlife is rarely abandoned so there is often little reason to 'rescue it,'" the release said. "One or both of its parents is likely nearby searching for food and will return."

You can help name the fawn by leaving a comment on Game and Fish's Facebook post about the animal.

If you want to help, you can also donate to Game and Fish's "Be a Hero for Wildlife" campaign, which raises funds to support sick, injured, orphaned and confiscated wildlife. To donate, text CRITTER to 41444.