Following the back and forth between President Donald Trump and several NFL players and teams, former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner responded to Trump's comments Sunday morning on "NFL Gameday," saying he is disappointed.

Saying Trump's comments are "contradictory to what the flag represents," the Hall of Famer joined the list of athletes, coaches, team owners and other celebrities to speak out about Trump's comments.

Trump took to Twitter early Sunday morning to say the NFL should "fire or suspend" players who disrespect the flag, just hours before the start of Sunday's NFL games.

Warner said he doesn't see players' actions as disrespectful, but "complementary to the ideals of the flag." He added, Trump's responsibility is to "uphold and to fight for the rights of every person."

The NFL Media Twitter account tweeted Warner's comments in full.

Responses to Trump's comments are expected to continue throughout the NFL games Sunday.