WILLIAMS, Ariz. - Charlie Malzahn latest encounter with the Williams Police Department was in late August when Lt. Darrell Hixson put him behind bars.

Malzahn, a convicted felon, was accused of stealing his sister's car and carrying a loaded gun. Malzahn, who is the stepson of the Williams police chief, has a past full of run-ins with the law.

But the now-missing Deer Valley teacher, Cathryn Gorospe, bailed him out of jail. The two, according to Flagstaff police, had been romantically involved.

Just 48 hours after Gorospe posted his bail -- Malzahn entered Arizona State University's Hassayampa Academic Village dorms with a female student before allegedly assaulting her inside, ASU police said.

Less than an hour later, Malzahn was the suspect in a Tempe carjacking. He was arrested in Phoenix early Monday morning after police recognized the vehicle he was driving. He tried to flee police, but crashed the car and was arrested.

Gorospe hasn't been seen since bailing Malzahn out of jail.

Her blood was found inside her Toyota Rav-4 which Malzahn is accused of driving across Arizona. Her credit cards were used at a Tucson mall and found on Malzahn at the time of his arrest, police said.

More than 30 volunteers were out in the Williams area Thursday searching for Gorospe.

Malzahn is facing a long list of charges and was held without bond -- not connected to Gorospe's disappearance -- during his initial court appearance overnight.

He is due back in court next week.