FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Pay-to-Park was delayed because of some “connectivity issues” that had to be worked out, but the City said Friday, it hoped the new system would bring revenue to provide more parking in the future.

There will be three ways for drivers to pay: through the Woosh! app, where they can opt to pay ahead of time, at the downtown kiosks or—for downtown employees and business owners—through the purchase of a permit.

If drivers pay ahead using the app, they may end up driving around looking for a spot because parking will not be assigned or guaranteed and app payments will come with a 35-cent convenience fee.

Tourist, Madison Scheer, said she has had bad luck with parking apps.

“I’ve tried those apps, but sometimes they don’t work, hopefully it works here,” Scheer said.

The City said there will be more than 700 spaces to choose from in North and South downtown.

Cecilia Quiles looked forward to the opportunity to park downtown without a time limit.

“Sometimes I’m staying longer than I’m supposed to and then I have to be moving the car,” Quiles said.

Once parked, if that coffee, shopping or monsoon take a little longer than they expect, drivers can keep adding as much time as they like using the app or any kiosk.

Kiosks will only take credit cards, except for the one at City Hall which will also take cash.

There will be 102 kiosks to choose from.

Tourist, Will Mccarthy, didn’t see the point.

“Seems like if you drive like three blocks up, there’s parking everywhere and then you only have to walk like two minutes to get to wherever you’re trying to go,” Mccarthy said.

Those who work downtown or own a business there, can buy a one-year permit for $45 a month.

Sean Meehan was Marketing and Production Manager at The Greenroom.

“I’d rather move my car every two hours than be parked and have to pay to be at work,” Meehan said.

One major downside of the new system will be whether you were a tourist, local, employee or business owner, parking won’t be guaranteed.

There will be two lots with about 500 spots total for permit holders and parking time won’t be limited.

Community Design and Redevelopment Manager with the City of Flagstaff, Karl Eberhard, said revenue from this new system will go toward building more parking space.

Eberhard said Friday, there have been some technical setbacks, but the City hoped to go live with Pay-to-Park before the end of August.

Eberhard said parking enforcement would take it easy on users for the first two months as they grew accustomed to all these changes.