FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Officials will lift fire restrictions in the Coconino National Forest and the southern portion of the Kaibab National Forest Wednesday.

The restrictions were initially implemented June 15 for those forests along with the Prescott and Apache-Sitgreaves forests.

According to forest officials, they typically lift the restrictions when more than two-thirds of the forest has received at least a half inch of rain. Both the Coconino and Kaibab forests have received much more than that.

"With the monsoon moisture we have received, the decreasing fire danger, and the availability of many firefighting resources, jointly we are comfortable that it is the appropriate time to lift fire restrictions," said Art Gonzales, fire staff officer for the Kaibab National Forest.

The fire restrictions will be lifted at 8 a.m. Wednesday, but visitors should still use caution. Campfire and smoking restrictions are still in effect for the North Kaibab Ranger District.