COTTONWOOD, Ariz. – A 4-year-old Chihuahua was recovering at a veterinary hospital Monday after being dragged a half-mile behind a truck by her owner.

They can be our best friends, usually keeping us company as we care for them, but Cottonwood police said Saturday, the man Leia counted on to watch over her, Destry McClure, put her life at risk.

“There was some sort of altercation he was having with himself,” Cottonwood PD's Autumn Durnez, said.

From there, witnesses saw McClure take off in his truck with Leia tied to the back.

“That’s when they decided to follow, I guess, honking their horns, trying to get him to stop,” Durnez said.

They stayed a safe distance behind -- taking pictures while on the phone with police. Half a mile later, McClure pulled over, was arrested and Leia was taken to the vet.

Cottonwood PD was still waiting for blood test results Monday, but officials thought alcohol or prescription drugs may have played a factor.

“The subject was surprised. He wasn’t aware that he had actually left his dog tied up to the back of his truck -- according to his statements -- so he was pretty upset,” Durnez said.

This may have been McClure’s first arrest for animal abuse, but when we looked into the suspect’s background, we found a criminal past dating back to the 1990s, involving drug use and an aggravated assault charge.

Monday, Leia was expected to make a full recovery from her road rash thanks to the quick action of those who saw she needed help.

“It was perfect. The witnesses, when they called, they actually stayed with the subject,” Durnez said.

Monday, police said once Leia recovers, she will be transferred to the humane society. Until a judge decided whether she’ll be up for adoption, she may be in need of foster care.