We're number six!

According to a Business Insider analysis of data from Realtor.com, Phoenix ranks sixth in terms of cities people want to move to in the United States.

Tucson came in at ninth on the list.

How did Realtor.com and Business Insider come to the conclusion?

They used population data along with search results to figure out which were the most desired cities in the nation.

They developed a "migration ratio" from 2010-14 Census Bureau data, a "views ratio" based on Realtor.com searches of each city and from each city between April 2016 and April 2017 and a "growth rate" determined by Nielsen population growth estimates from 2015-17.

Phoenix's migration ratio is 1.13, with a views ratio of 1.1 and a growth ratio of 4.4 percent.

Tucson has a great views ratio at 1.63 but a less impressive growth ratio of 1.6 percent and a migration ratio of 1.06.

The top cities were Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Las Vegas; Jacksonville, Florida; and atop the list, Austin, Texas.

Check out the full report (complete with pretty pictures of each city) here.