If you're employed in Arizona, you could be coming into some more paid off time at the beginning of next month.

Starting July 1, employers will face new rules on how much sick time they have to give employees under Proposition 206, which passed in the November election.

Prop 206 was billed as a minimum wage hike (Arizona's will be $12 by 2020), but most of the language in the proposition actually pertains to paid stick time.

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Beginning in July, employers must provide employees one hour of paid sick time per 30 hours of work. Those with 15 or more employees must have a cap of at least 40 hours of paid sick time. That mark is 24 hours for employers with fewer than 15 workers.

Employees can begin accruing paid sick time under these rules July 1.

Additionally, an employee's paid sick time could roll over year-to-year if they don't reach the cap, but employers can count general paid time off as paid sick time.

Employees have to wait 90 days after starting a new job to use paid sick time.