PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona is telling armed drivers how they should handle themselves if they get pulled over by police.

The gun-friendly state recently changed its rule book for the road in a bid to avoid deadly encounters between police and people behind the wheel.

Arizona is among a small number of states instructing drivers on what to expect during traffic stops. But it appears to be the first to use its driving rules to address situations in which motorists are armed.

The manual instructs drivers to inform officers of the locations of weapons in the vehicle and keep their hands on the steering wheel. It says drivers should not reach for items in the vehicle.

"If you need to reach for an item, contact the officer verbally to indicate the item you need to locate and only do so after the officer has given verbal confirmation," the Arizona Driver's License Manual reads.

It also warns drivers against exiting their vehicle unexpectedly.

The changes in the state that allows people to carry weapons without permits were sought by a lawmaker who wants to avoid confrontations such as one that killed Philando Castile.

The Minnesota man, who had a gun permit, was fatally shot during a 2016 traffic stop after telling an officer he was armed.