Forty-eight hours after the wildfires sparked in southern California, the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management is responding to the call for help.

“There’s 125 firefighters, 25 engines and multiple single-resource task force leaders and strikers heading to California," said Demetri Baca, an engine captain with the Department of Forestry and Fire Management State of Arizona.

His Central District crew will be setting up in Chino, California.

“We will be pre-positioned there and they will divvy us out from there," said Baca.

From providing extra hands, to extra water and structure protection, our Arizona crews are physically and mentally prepared.

“You have to be cool and collected when you get out there and keep your situational awareness the whole time so you are not putting yourself in a bad situation," said Baca.

The time commitment varies depending on the containment of the fire.

“We make a commitment to be out there at least two weeks, so we are in it for the long haul. As long as they need us, we will make ourselves available," said Baca.

That could mean missing the holidays with family.

“This fire season, I missed my daughter getting her first MVP trophy for volleyball, but she’s also proud of what I do," said Baca.

Stay with 12 News for updates on our Arizona crews fighting the wildfires in California.