PHOENIX - Arizona state authorities are sending 150 firefighters and 50 fire engines to help with California’s devastating wildfires.

“We’re gonna try and fulfill as much as we can for California, but we also need to keep some resources here in the state in case, you know, unfortunately something does happen within the next week or two,” said Tiffany Davila with the Arizona State Department of Forestry and Fire.

Davila said California’s authorities requested 100 engines and 300 firefighters from neighboring states.

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Teams of four are driving out in fire engines from multiple fire departments in Arizona. Officials say strike teams -- which focus on structure protection -- are needed.

“When you’re sending that type of resource, you want the closest resource possible, especially with fire suppression,” said Wendy Smith-Reeve, the deputy director for the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs.

California’s ravaging fires have already claimed lives, destroyed communities and devastated everyone nearby.

“If there’s anything we can do for them, we know that in return they will do exactly the same for us,” said Smith-Reeve.